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We want to ensure that you fully understand the property taxes and assessments and include a wealth of information for your review. However, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    A Note From Our Founder

    I take pride in my company as being true advocates for “fair tax”, in a very complicated assessing/taxing system. It is the least understood of any tax that a homeowner has to pay. Our ultimate goal is assuring that our clients pay only their “fair share” of the local tax burden. It is not always an easy road. When we’ve seen an injustice, we have taken action. We’ve pursued legal challenges, at our own expense, and won a court decision that ultimately benefitted all residential property owners throughout the state.

    My staff works hard to help our clients understand this complicated tax grievance process – from application to appeal, Supreme Court hearing to B.A.R. reviews and assessment valuations vs. property taxes.

    This is not an industry that just sells widgets to customers, but a rewarding business that makes you feel good about helping people save money. Getting a thank you card from a client for whom we’ve saved money makes 25 years of hard work all worthwhile.

    Claire Gangi

    Property Taxes are the least understood of any taxes homeowners have to pay.

    At Empire Tax Reductions, there is no guesswork on Property Taxes.

    We are specialists in the tax assessing system and have successfully challenged over-assessment for the past 20 years, securing millions of dollars in property tax reductions for homeowners from Montauk to Mamaroneck; Garden City to Goshen, covering over one hundred different assessing jurisdictions.

    We utilize the latest market data, which is critical to a successful tax grievance in this rapidly changing real estate market.

    We have funded successful litigation against taxing jurisdictions on real property tax issues that benefited all taxpayers not just our clients.

    Choosing a tax reduction representative is serious business and should not be taken lightly. Our clients take comfort in the fact that we consistently monitor, review and analyze property values and assessments to ensure that they are paying “only their fair share”.

    We will analyze and challenge your property taxes. There is no fee until we are successful. Sign and return our application today and feel secure that we are watching out for your best interest. We are consumer advocates fighting for “fair taxation” for our clients and welcome the opportunity to represent you in this matter.