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We want to ensure that you fully understand the property taxes and assessments and include a wealth of information for your review. However, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Our Team

    At Empire Tax Reductions, we consider it a privilege to serve customers in the grievance process. Ultimately, we want all our clients to have a happy, non-stressed, professional experience with our company when challenging their property taxes. We are here to improve customer relations and welcome any feedback you may have. We use this feedback to improve the level of service we provide and, on occasion, as written or video testimonials in our marketing materials.
    We welcome your feedback in helping us to improve this process. Email us at info@empiretaxreductions.com to share your thoughts and your experience with our company.
    We appreciate your help and look forward to serving your property grievance needs.

    Claire Gangi


    Meet Our Customer Service Representatives

    The tax grievance process can be a long, confusing, but much worthwhile process. In some assessing jurisdictions (county, township and/or village), the process can take up to 2 years!

    Our customer service staff is here to help property owners understand this complicated process. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Believe us when we say there are no “stupid” questions in a system as complicated and convoluted as the property taxing/assessing system. We’re here to help – pick our brains – if we don’t know the answer, nobody does!

    Kristen Stalnaker-Filosa

    Customer Service Manager


    Elizabeth Shoen

    Customer Service Rep


    Marni Tessler

    Customer Service Rep


    Heather Webb

    Customer Service Rep


    Meet Our Property – Tax Evaluation Representatives

    The evaluations department is here to determine property values and work with clients regarding any issues that may positively or negatively affect a property’s value. We negotiate directly with assessors from over 75 different assessing jurisdictions to obtain a “fair” value for our client’s properties. If we can’t negotiate a settlement, we will appear in Supreme Court to present and argue our case. Our # 1 goal is obtaining a fair settlement/reduction.

    We don’t have “cases” we have “clients”. Each one is unique and evaluated on its own merits in order to obtain the fairest resolution possible.

    If there are any unique issues regarding your property that may affect its value please feel free to call, write, or email us, with pictures, news articles, or any other items that may effect our evaluation of your property value.

    Angela Manos

    Property Evaluations Supervisor

    Kathryn Jacovino

    Property Evaluations Rep

    Frank Ruggiero

    Property Evaluations Rep

    Meet Our Client Receivables Representatives

    Our Client Receivable Department is here to help owners understand their reductions, refunds and billing. Our objective is to ensure that you’re 100% comfortable with the settlement of your account.

    Ezio Scaldaferri, Esq.

    In-House Counsel, VP-Legal

    Claire Ruggiero

    Client Receivable Director

    Maxie Boccio

    Accounts Receivable - Paralegal