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    Empire Tax Reductions is a leader in property tax relief consultancy in Long Island, NY. Our team of expert tax reduction consultants are dedicated to obtaining the lowest property tax required by law for our clients.

    Other than mortgages, the next largest expense of any household is property tax. Homeowners are legally obligated to pay this property tax, and it’s our responsibility to ensure you pay on your “fair share”.

    Property taxes change every year, so ideally, your property needs a yearly consult from a Property Tax Consultant which will analyse and assess your property in Long Island, NY for tax reductions. Property assessments are largely subject to errors or inaccuracies that are most of the time a way of getting reductions or refunds on your property tax.

    Our team of tax relief professionals are looking forward to working with you in creating a viable yearly tax reduction plan that won’t put a huge dent in your budget, but also provide the law required taxes in a manageable fashion. Call us today at 516.746.4646 for a property qualification and assessment for your property tax reduction opportunity.

    Our business is property tax reduction. Helping people is our passion. Apply Now